Thursday, November 16, 2017

Wisdom is found from darkness

What we fear is darkness. We think that darkness is negative. We avoid it all possible ways we can.
But darkness is completely misunderstood. We are the darkness as well as the light.
Avoiding darkness we choose only the surface and a small part, of being a human. Without darkness, we are not whole. Without darkness, we see and understand very little. It is not life, it is running from it. The day doesn´t avoide the night.

All humans has created a character, a “me” with its beliefs. What is acceptable and what should be hidden from ourselves and others. This is the way we live and that we call life. But it is not that.
It is more – not living at all. It is pretending life, without knowing what living really is. It is a small piece of experience of life and sadly, the imagined peace.

There is people who face the darkness within, but they are called mentally ill, crazy or some other way not normal. All the rest tries to fix this problem for them. They should be alike, since normal is this that we experience. But what if it is just the opposite? What if we are so far from normal human experience, that what we call normal, is actually very deeply believed malfunction of human mind?
A virus in the program, we don´t recognize any longer.
Truth is that every single person needs to go through their own darkness inside, to be able to see the real light. In the darkness we can really feel. We feel absolutely everything existing in human experience.
All fears, demons, the program mistakes we have been hiding, sorrow, pain and the list goes on.
By facing all this and really experiencing them, we get wisdom instead of imagined thinking.
In the depths of darkness, rests peace and wisdom of the whole, waiting to be found.
Beneath the darkness waits the real light that cannot be seen from the surface with the physical eyes and learned thinking.

It changes everything. It changes the view of existence and brings knowledge we cannot even imagine without experiencing it. It is the source of life, like the night gives us a break from constant observing and action. The inner darkness gives also us a break from constant performing and running around.
It forces us to stop and face to see what there is. It brings us in face to face with everything we try to escape and deny.

Yes, it is extremely rough and painful. It is the very reason why we run away from all that. No one want´s to suffer of feel pain. Yet there is no escape. Sooner or later we have to face it. Not by our own will (don´t exist anyways), but we are taken there if we are intended to grow in consciousness.
And those who are on this path of changing the human consciousness closer to what it should be, are called crazy or mentally ill. Only because the majority cannot understand. That is what I could call madness.

People trust in their thoughts created by others and build their lives based on beliefs.
And never questioned is it really true. How mad is that?
So called head created intelligence, has become more valued than life itself. We think we are smart based on believes and knowledge learned from others. But wisdom is not smartness. It is much deeper understanding of the whole. It is not believing, it is knowing.

There is many glad acting people out there showing happy faces and telling happy stories without knowing that none of that is true. I have heard many claiming, that they don´t have any darkness in them. It only means that they have never looked. We ALL have all of it. There is very much darkness in every human being. If you want to gain wisdom and become whole, find and allow it. Welcome it as equally as joy and all those pleasant feelings. It is there waiting and getting stronger the further you pull the meeting with it. It won´t kill you, it will set you free. Really free from all the pretending happy that eats up all of your energy. It is the path through, from the fairytale to the reality. It is a rebirth from fake to real.

All these words don´t mean anything to you, before you experience what I am talking about. But maybe one day, when you face it, you will remember that you don´t need to worry. It is part of the process in waking up from the dream state of a human mind. As long as this hasn´t happen, please don´t give advices to those who are going through it. Those advices, no matter how good intention they carry, will make situation only worse. What you can give, is acceptance. You don´t need to understand, but don´t judge based on your own lack of understanding. The journey through darkness will peel of the core belief of the separateness, that keeps this illusion going. When getting through, there will be no “I” left and others will see what freedom really means.

Support and don´t judge what you don´t understand. Those you condemn because of the lack of understanding are those helping also you, to be able to awake one day. They are doing the dirty work also for you. There is no separation, all is done for all.

This was for all who has so much love and caring, that they are willing to face the darkness nevertheless anyone understands them or not. There is people who know and understand what you are going through and you are not alone. Love you all within the darkness and I feel you <3